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What do I get when I susbcribe?

By subscribing you will be enabled to participate in AV SIMRACING, you will receive an e-mail with which you registered at the time of payment. You will receive from our Staff a STEAM FRIEND CODE that will enable you to play in our Online Servers.


Can I play with Playstation or Xbox?

No, only PC.


What game do I need to have install?

You need to have install rFactr2 game and to have a Steam Account. You can download from here:


My PC meets the requierements of rFactr2?

You can check System Requierements HERE


How I start playing?

You are going to play through STEAM and DISCORD platform with your user.  HERE you have an explanation Tutorial


How long are the available Servers?

24 hs a day.


When can a Driver enter the server?

You can enter the game servers at any time, the servers will be automatically alternating between Qualifying and Race heat. In the event that the server you enter is in "Race", it will not let you out on the track until the end of the race, but you can remain inside the server. (This will only take a few minutes until you return to the Qualifying heat)


If I don`t have Internet, can I race?

No, you can´t. You need an internet broadband service


If my internet connection is not very stable, can I participate?

Those who do not meet the connectivity requirements (ping) may be separated from the competition at any time during the race date.


How is the Quickrace Format?

A format of continuous short races, automatically relaunched, called QuickRace, where four-lap competitions are held constantly with a 5-minute preliminary qualifying round, to order the starting grid. This pre-classification format will be run with a minimum of 5/10 (five/ten) AI cars, which will be added to the real drivers (Simracers) within the server.

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